JAC Motors is a Chinese automobile and commercial vehicle manufacturer of Heavy-duty trucks, with its core being excellent value, and innovation. JAC heavy-duty trucks integrate global advanced technology that is relevant to the different markets. By innovating and optimizing products endlessly, and continuing to enrich its lineup to satisfy various road conditions and costumer demands, JAC heavy truck has become a high-end heavy truck manufacturer in the international market with 3 main advantages:
Impressive fuel efficiency and environmental performance
JAC heavy-duty trucks offer impressive fuel economy; depending on load, road and driving style, the right choice for every circumstance is found. With their aerodynamic design feature, streamlined shape and curved surface, they contribute to less air drag and, therefore, a better fuel economy. Through our cooperation, JAC motors grew trust in the expertise of Kasrawy Group to further their reach within the Egyptian market. We choose to deepen our cooperative efforts with JAC motors on the basis of JAC motor’s high-quality products. Kasrawy Group enjoy wide expertise in different sectors in the automotive industry, which best caters to different segments.